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A unique example of Australian brand Jacobs Creek and one of the most notable Serbian sportsman – Novak Đoković

Shot on location in Monte Carlo, the two films – First Date and Tradition – delves deep into the 28-year-old’s life not often seen or spoken about.
But before then, the wine company has given tennis fans a sneak peek of what is to come with behind-the-scenes footage taken from the series.

The Behind the Scenes with Novak, opens with the tennis ace dressed in a stylish suit and holding a director’s sign.
Ready to start, he says: ‘Novak Đoković Jacobs Creek Made by films take one.’

Then the clip flashes to the lavish Monte Carlo harbourside before flicking back to the handsome sportsman saying ‘bonjour’ in a white button up shirt and stylish shades.
The footage includes a montage of the Novak getting made up, talking to the camera and then giggling and kissing his beautiful wife, Jelena.

Nole and his wife are seen laughing and smiling in a restaurant with cameras and lights surrounding them.
Novak then says: ‘I’m looking forward to sharing the first date that my wife and I had here in the sports bar in Monte Carlo and also to share a little bit about the traditions and the food that we grew up with.’

Moments later, the athlete is filmed spinning his tennis racquet in a fancy manor before the scene switches to the stud relaxing back on a lounge chair and talking about which movie star he would like to see play him in a future movie.
‘If I have to choose an actor to play me in a Hollywood movie, that would be probably Ryan Gosling or DiCaprio [Leonardo DiCaprio],’.

The film then moves onto another montage of Novak and his wife dancing, before focusing on the tennis star attempting to pick peanuts up with a pair of chop sticks.

In the final moments of the behind-the-scenes footage, a plate of turf is served up to the athlete who then bursts into laughter at the funny site.

He then pretends to eat the grass.

In a statement put out behind the company, Novak said his first date with his model wife was a pinnacle moment in his life – a meal that changed him forever.
‘Filming the story of our first date was great fun, I honestly felt taken back to being a nervous 18 year old across the table from the most wonderful girl I had ever seen, the woman who is now my loving wife and mother of our little boy, Stefan!.
The second film focuses on family meals and luck – and I think you can say since those childhood moments I’ve been a pretty lucky guy!’

Novak’s wife and co-star in the series said the films delve into their personal story of how they met and how those moments have shaped their relationship.
‘Reliving our first date was emotional, funny and wonderful. That meal has given us a great story to tell our children and grandchildren one day,’ Jelena said.

The personal and reflective films are the second installment of the successful ‘Made By’ films series, which has had more than six million views since being released in 2016.

The films provide an insight into the people, places and passions that Novak is ‘Made By’. Find out more here.