The Education Division of ASCC has been formed simultaneously with Chamber itself. Our aim is to improve education in both countries, Australia and the Republic of Serbia, especially through international cooperation. In this cooperation, we engage with diplomatic representatives, private and public corporations, and educational institutions to create links for practical and modern future education. On our way to this goal, we bring two communities together and focus on the improved student experience. We are acting within three Main Projects (MPs).


The first webinar is to be held in 2021 and include guest speakers from three large Australian Universities. Studies in multiple disciplines and on the bachelor, Master and PhD levels are to be discussed.” to “Webinar series include guest speakers from large Australian Universities discussing studies in multiple disciplines and on the bachelor, Master and PhD levels.


  • First Free Webinar on Australian Education

Australian Serbian Commerce Chamber (ASCC) is a not-for-profit association incorporated in Melbourne, Australia with representatives in key hubs across Australia and Serbia, supported by solid cooperation and joint activities with the Australian Embassy in Belgrade.

Our vision is to realise the full potential of ties between Serbia and Australia, empowering a new era of economic growth, integration, and broader social prosperity.

We are continuously delivering on our vision through stakeholder engagement, by steering the activities of the chamber to help our stakeholders broaden horizons and supporting them through the most pressing challenges they face.

As the voice of our stakeholders in relevant forums, we understand that facilitating access to relevant and timely information is key to strengthening business and cultural ties between the two countries.


Education Division Leader: Dr Adela Drozdibob  
Education Division Coordinator: Dana Pjanic