The Education Division of ASCC has been formed simultaneously with Chamber itself. Our aim is to improve education in both countries, Australia and the Republic of Serbia, especially through international cooperation. In this cooperation, we engage with diplomatic representatives, private and public corporations, and educational institutions to create links for practical and modern future education. On our way to this goal, we bring two communities together and focus on the improved student experience. We are acting within three Main Projects (MPs).

Webinar series include guest speakers from large Australian Universities discussing studies in multiple disciplines and on the bachelor, Master and PhD levels. 
In August 2021 the Australian Serbian Commerce Chamber hosted the first free webinar providing information to students overseas about opportunities to study in Australia. The webinar included speakers from highly ranked and world-recognised Universities, Monash University in Melbourne and the University of Western Australia, in Perth. The webinar covered studies in Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD courses

In addition to the option to see the recording above, please find additional resources. The first document includes a slide deck as presented in the video recording and the second enlists all scholarships and courses available for international students in Australia at Monash University and the University of Western Australia.

Additional resources:

The purpose of MP2 – Study Tours is to establish units that are offered for Australian students to complete as Study Tours in Serbia. Units would be offered on leading Australian Universities and recognized in credit points of course student is enrolled in.

Initial courses that would offer study tours are management, commerce, sustainability management, social studies, and arts, with the intention to expand to other areas when the opportunity arises.

The purpose of MP3 is to establish internships for both:

  • Students from Australia to complete an internship in global companies in Serbia,
  • Students from Serbia to complete an internship in companies located in Australia.

Field internship project is initiated with are management, commerce, and marketing, with the intention to expand to other areas when the opportunity arises.
Long term goals of MP3 include:

  • development of full offer of internship, accommodation, multiple or single placement
  • connect available funds for internships for Australian students to an internship program in Serbia.

Operations Support

We create and maintain persuasive initiatives to improve regulations in the Education sector in Serbia that impact cooperation of Higher education institutions and enable the exchange of students between Serbia and Australia. Our staff are professionally fluent in both Serbian and English and have both academic and legal expertise to identify hurdles in this cooperation and find solutions that will enable overcoming them.

Strategic Communication – student outreach

We universities in adjusting their strategy to improve communication with students in Serbia and gain effective outreach to relevant student organisations. We enable inter-organisational communication, by creating a tailored message, while recognising the finesse of both cultures.

Annual multi-stakeholder meetings

We organise annual meetings between ASCC Education Division members and key stakeholders, including governmental representatives, student organisations, and corporate representatives with internship and Study Tour interests. Meetings ensure that ongoing communication and regular updates on the interest/progress of the cooperation. They additionally enable tailoring of projects under Main Projects (MPs) according to variation of interest area of ASCC members.